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Address: No. 2 Fuan Industrial Zone, Jiaoping Road, Jiaozhou 266314, Qingdao, China




Our company began to make birch dowels in 1995.
Firstly our dowels were used for flag poles, flag sticks and home decorations. Now, our customers use them for much more different purpose.
In Apr.1996, we worked out our 1st drawer knob. 
Since that year, we have learned more and more knowledge to make different designed wood turnings.
In 2001,
we established 1st wood dowel & turning factory in Qingdao city to enlarge our production and meet the export requirement.
In 2004,
we established professional wood working factory in Jiaozhou. The running orders have covered hundreds of kinds of products. Now we believe that we have good ability and capability to supply our customers with high quality wood dowels and turning products.
In 2008, 
the world economy was not good. But our business was still healthy, we did everything carefully to serve our customers on quality, delivery, price , etc. Our customers, our staff, the company investors were working together to cover that difficult time, at same time we were all growing.
In 2012,
many new products were worked. Equipment and machinery contributed to the efficiency and ability. A new era is coming!
In 2018,
We make wood products ,we design and make our own specialized machinery. 2018 is a changing year, Market is changing, product is changing, our goal is changing. Changing will keep us growing always!
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